With your contribution to the African Institute for DeFi and Blockchain, you will help to build a techno-social future in which blockchain solutions operate effectively within a favorable regulatory environment, as well as champion free market enterprise working to eliminate economic illiteracy and marginalization in Africa. We accomplish this by:

  1. Researching the economic principles underpinning blockchain, which lead to true freedom and flourishing.
  2. Educating educators and community leaders on the fundamentals of liberty, the DeFi Protocol, and decentralized solutions.
  3. Communicating these truths to the public’s attention through publications, events, and digital outreach.

With increased centralization of power over our individual liberties spreading at an alarming rate, there has never been a more pressing need to advocate for blockchain solutions, free enterprise, property rights, and limited government. Let’s use blockchain to empower the marginalized in Africa. Will you stand with us?

ADA: addr1qxz2a7ymqpfjxj23g55wf78y2jjxt8c0qhhqj9rqlrn8rphs4lwwxzvhfqhzkl64h3u8k3yfu7f4kylrc70msa7jsszs33z4h4
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