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The 1957 Web 3 Club

Africa is harness digital and technological innovations to boost its economy and development. Technological leapfrogging has transformed the continent in recent time as noticed by Bhaskar Chakravorti, that “more Africans owning phones than having access to water or toilets”. The emergence of smartphone is a classical example of technological leapfrogging in Africa. With the emergence of web 3 and its rapid development, Africa stands to gains more. The 1957 Web3 club is a program that advance web 3 based solutions for Africa and an outreach program the tech business community.

The year 1957 is significant to Africa’s history as the year the first country – Ghana – gained its sovereign independence. The 1957 Web 3 Club seeks to consolidate development by advancing web 3 builders and decentralized solution for Africa. We achieve this through our strong network of web 3 builders, advocating for policy to provide harmonious environment for tech entrepreneurs and web 3 exhibitions that bring focus to solutions solving the problems of Africa.

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