African Institute for Defi & Blockchain

About Us

The blockchain technology is arrived and is ready to facilitate, secure, and codify the digital connections that will shape business, government, and the global economy in the future. Building continental Africa’s preparedness for the techno-social future including providing answers for questions such as What law apply to blockchain applications? What internal elements help a blockchain application succeed? How do various socioeconomic sectors respond to blockchain technology and its potential for disruption? What are the key regulatory concerns surrounding blockchain applications, and what are our available policy options?

The African Institute for Defi & Blockchain (AIDBLOCK) is an independent, nonprofit (section 8 of Act 992) think tank focused on blockchain policy research with range of programs and publications highlighting the significance of decentralized solutions, sound money, personal liberty and strong emphasize on free market economics. AIDBLOCK as an institution affirms free tech entrepreneurship, economic liberty, property rights, sound money, and tech-based policy regulation insofar as it fosters innovation and creativity without impeding decentralized solutions.

What We Do

AIDBLOCK undertakes scholarly research and uses its findings to engage the media, speak in public forums, and create accessible educational programming for a wider audience. This is how we tackle things: through research, training, and communication.

The institute seeks to shift the Overton window in favour of regulations/legislations to build an enabling environment for mass DeFi and integrated blockchain adoption. Our goal is to influence regulatory and institutional readiness and provide innovative policy alternatives through research-based advocacy that have the tendency of impacting the operability and adoption of DeFi and the smooth running of organizations using blockchain to offer real-world solution through dApps, DAO as well as Smart Contracts.


To provide evidence based blockchain research, education and advocacy to innovatively influence policy for adoption

We attempt to describe a complex techno-social phenomenon using an innovative free market approach that integrates legal, social, political, economic, and technological discourses.


We envision a society where people are free to build decentralized solutions leveraging on blockchain that enhance their lives, liberty and property as they deem fit and consistent with equal rights of others.

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